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Thread: goodpaster river hunt

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    Default goodpaster river hunt

    Last year I took my 16' jon (tunnel with 60hp jet) up about 40 miles on the goodpaster for moose. We had some success but this year I'd like to go further up. I'd like to try for Caribou this year on the Goodpaster and I know I'll have to go alot further up. Wondering if anyone knows what the river looks like at the 60+ mile point. How far up do you think it is feasible to go.

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    Friends of mine have cabins around the 55 mile mark. Every spring they run up as far as they can during high water. This year they missed the early high water and got stopped at a large log jam. One of the boats without a plastic bottom didn't want to jump the gravel bar so they turned around. I don't think they were even 10 miles past the cabins. Doesn't sound too good. I know they have gone well over a hundred miles up in the past with bigger boats than yours. If you don't mind dragging over a few spots you can probably do good. I don't know what the caribou do in this area. I suppose you can get up far enough to find some.


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