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    Default What about elk

    Hello all , I'm new here and have a question. I've read about all sorts of hunting in Alaska, but never anything about hunting elk there. Why is that? I read that there are Elk in Alaska, and have even seen that there is an elk tag for them, just have never seem anthing about hunting them.

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    Not native to Alaska, so not too many roaming about. If I heard the story correctly they were imported as a tribute to Teddy Roosevelt and planted in a couple places in Alaska. Raspberry Island at one time did have a huntable population by permit only, but I don't know if that is still the case. My Brother-in-law comes down to Oregon and Washington to hunt elk.


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    Default Afognak/Raspberry and Etolin/Zarembo

    Two locations to hunt elk in AK.

    Afognak and Raspberry Islands in the Kodiak archipeligo or Etolin and Zarembo Islands in the southeast.

    Hunting Roosevelt elk on Afognak and Roosevelt/Rocky Mountain hybrids on Etolin.

    Afognak and Raspberry have advantage of better access, lodges, roads, etc.

    Etolin and Zarembo have no lodges, limited and expensive access and difficult hunting.

    Contact Larry VanDaele at the Kodiak ADFG office in Kodiak for info or the Wrangell office for info regarding Etolin/Zarembo (sorry, can't remember the name of the bio down there, but he's a very helpful guy).


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