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Thread: Anyone running a regular kaboat?

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    Default Anyone running a regular kaboat?

    I have a 15' Alaskan model and have been thinking about getting the 18' regular model. Anyone here have experience with abnormal kaboat? How is it holding up? I'm running shallow rivers and glacier lakes.

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    That's what I'm using. I like it more all the time.
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    I mis read your post. I'm using a 15 foot Alaskan model too
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    I had the first Kaboat in Alaska it was 16 ft like the the 15 ft Alaskan a lot more. Mainer had a 18 ft as I recall and I thought it had cavitation issues.

    The 15 ft seems to be the best performer you go longer and my experience it will flex more and cause issues.

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    I have the 15 XL Alaskan and a buddy got the standard 15 only due to the fact they sent me the wrong boat so we got a killer deal on both. anyways big diff in the two boats. The xl is more a two man boat as far as moving it around where the standard 15 one guy no problem. The XL is bigger boat so go's with out saying. I did put a frame on mine that's about 10 foot long with a cross piece on each end and nothing in the center I took an old wheeler rack and mounted a seat to it. It sets about 4 to 6 inches above the pontoons. With my 15 hp outboard me wife a little gear I can get 21 mph as of GPS. The frame really helps dampen the flex. Thought maybe the wife would of been a little scared but she said she felt stable and never worried about feeling tippy. Don't think I would be happy with the standard Kaboat with 13 inch pontoons and the narrower body even if it was longer.


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