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    Don't let this happen to you. ---- We had two coolers stolen from behind our truck while camping on the Kenai beach (south side) Friday night.

    Theives left waders and nets in place but ran over nets with a four wheeler. One was useless the next day.

    Needless to say our first experience with this particular dipnetting location was not all we hoped it would be. Never had this problem at Kasilof, but won't leave things out overnight there anymore either.

    I have no reason to suspect that those who stole from me visit this site, but just in case you are reading this, know that I forgive you, I pray for you, and I encourage you to repent and seek God.

    Isaiah 55:7
    1 Chron 28:9

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    We have had a real problem at Anchor Point and Ninilchik for years with the local kids stealing coolers to get beer, food and whatever. Sorry to hear it has also happened there.


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