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    Any suggestions on training hikes for sheep hunting? I've been doing skyline trail on the peninsula, are there others that are better?

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    Where are you located? On the Peninsula?


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    I live in Kenai

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    You might try Slaughter Ridge - just a few more miles up the road from Skyline. Turn north off the highway at the first turnoff to the east of Wildman's (it looks like a driveway) and drive about 400 yards or so to the end. The trail is obvious from there. The hike is similar to Skyline but there are some sheep to glass/practice judging occasionally - although you can't hunt them.'s one of my favorite leg-burners


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    Default Fuller Lakes

    If I recall right, that one was pretty steep as well. Basically across the street from Skyline Trail. Pack your float tub and waders. Good to train with weight in your pack and if your going all the way to the lakes, you may as well catch some grayling while you are there.

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    Default A few more hikes....

    There is a lot of good hiking around Cooper Landing. Fuller Lakes and Slaughter Gulch are both fun and offer a pretty good workout. Fuller Lakes has a decent elevation gain, and Slaughter Gulch is fairly short but is still a workout.

    If you keep going past Wild Man (and before the Sunrise Cafe) there is another unmarked gravel road on the left. There's a horse trail that you can follow to the base of Langite Mountain. Make a lot of noise on this trail, as the bears use it heavily. They won't cause any trouble if they know you are there. Eventually the trail passes by a chute that is clear of alders. Head up this chute until you can gain the spine on the right. This is a great climb (pretty steep, be prepared) with awesome views of Kenai Lake and down the valley. Also a lot of sheep and some goats on this mountain (part of the Cooper Landing closed area, though, so don't get your hopes up. You can follow the spine off the north side of the peak to Russian Gap or head west and down slaughter gulch.

    For another good workout, head up the gated road that runs on the west side of Cecil Rhode mountain towards Cooper Lake. There's a trail on the left that heads up Cecil Rhode's mountain. Of course, lots of good views and there are usually goats at the top.


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