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Thread: Posting Pictures - Photobucket Alternative

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    Default Posting Pictures - Photobucket Alternative

    As some of you may have noticed, some of our threads with pictures have lost the images. Many of our members have used photobucket for years due to the ability to post full-size pictures in threads and not having a per-post image limit like the forum software has. Unfortunately, photobucket instituted a fee structure that is well beyond what most are likely willing to pay, so that leaves us looking for an alternative.

    We're still discussing the preferred path forward and may recommend that folks use a different approach in the near future, but for the time being I have done some testing on various free services that are similar to what photobucket offered and have found at least a temporary alternative.

    The above site is free, easy to use, and provides simple cut-and-paste BB code (the URL with the IMG tags around it that work with our forum software). It does not require an account to use, but if you create a free account then you will have access to your images in the future should you choose to use them in another post, edit them, delete them, etc.

    It's pretty simple to use, but below are a few screen captures of the process.

    Once logged in (if you choose to create an account), click on the following button from the home screen to upload an image.

    If you do not create an account, pay attention to the information under your image once it has loaded. It contains a delete key should you want to remove your image in the future.

    Below the aforementioned text there are a number of URLs that can be copied. Select the BB code and click on the gray button to the right. That will copy it to your computer. Come here to the forums, paste the BB code in the body of your message and submit once you have completed your post. That should result in your picture showing here, and they should be full size within the body of the message.

    Again, this is a new service to me and we may decide that this is not the best option, but summer is at its peak, the fish are rolling in, and hunting season draws near - I sure don't want to miss out on the pictures that our members are taking!

    A couple side notes:

    -Sharing images from sites such as Google Images, Imugr, etc. can work as well. They don't provide an easily copied BB code, but if you feel comfortable posting images from elsewhere, have at it. (Within the context of our forum rules, of course.)

    -I find it easier to upload one image at a time to, as when you upload multiple images at once it does not provide the BB code. Again, it's doable, but requires you to type in the IMG tags yourself. Just an FYI on that.

    Please let me know if you run into any problems or if you feel there are better options out there for our members. Thanks!

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    For what it's worth.... a few yrs ago when almost every pic I tried to upload to the forum started coming in sideways or upside down I made the leap to the Tapatalk app. I still do all my reading/browsing on the regular outdoor forum screen but when I need to post a photo I just go to the tapatalk app.
    Very easy and quick to do there either off the camera itself or from your photo gallery on the phone. I have the iPhone.
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    Yep. Same here. Tapatalk is the only way I post pics nowadays

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    Experimenting with a method LuJon mentioned a while back.

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