I couldn't get far from Anchorage today but wanted to paddle something. Campbell Creek had come up due to the previous day's rain so it provided the perfect solution. The gauge http://water.weather.gov/ahps2/hydro...ccsa2&wfo=pafc showed about 18.5 which turned out to be just enough. I put in at Lake Otis and took out at Taku Lake 1:10 later. Too quick.

On previous, lower water trips, I'd had to get out and drag. 18.5 provided a few rocks and submerged logs to bump into, but I never needed to get out. I bypassed the Peanut Farm in hopes of a burger at Arctic Roadrunner but forgot they are closed on Sundays. . It only took me 1:10. The current is a bit pushy at this level and it trys to push you into a few sweepers and strainers so be careful. The takeout is fairly obvious a few turns after passing under the RR tracks but is worth a scout of it's your first time.