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    I've been wanting to buy the Prospector 103 from Canyon Coolers for a couple of years now. Unfortunately, the company only offers free shipping to the lower 48 so I was trying to figure out an inexpensive way to get one to AK. It has been awhile since I looked online to see if anyone else was selling them. Today I looked and lo-and-behold Sportsman's Wharehouse does, along with WalMart, and others with free in-store pickup. Sportsman's Wharehouse here in Anchorage actually had one left in stock. It's mine now. Lol

    I really like this cooler because it is built by rafters for rafters. Check out the specs which list Aire model rafts that it fits in for example. The best part is it has a lip that rests on the top of the frame crossbars so no hanger is needed. You simply drop it into the frame bay. My dryboxes have tabs and I love not needing hangers. The Prospector 103 has 6 tiedowns and is molded such that the straps fit into indentations. It also has a second drainplug in front so you don't need to squeeze your hand between the raft tube and cooler to drain the water. I didn't get the free basket by buying indirect, but those are available online. A seat cushion is even available.

    Canyon Coolers are equivalent or arguably better then their more well known competitor. I think that competetitor actually sued them and forced them to stop claiming that. Haha.
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