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Thread: Advice for Aug 5th thru August 12th

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    Default Advice for Aug 5th thru August 12th

    I will be coming to your great state on August 5th only concrete plan is to halibut fish in Homer Aug 9th and 10th. Want to consider the Su/Willow area. Kenai/Russian area. Will we be too early for silvers or too late for reds-any help would be appreciated.


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    Default August trip

    I can't speak for the Mat/Su area, but the Kenai/Russian is typically very good fishing during the second week of August. The reds will be in the Russian (I suspect that the Kenai will be over for reds by then due to a low return forcast this year). The first run of silvers should be doing very well by then (usually begins the last week of July) and on even numbered years, the pinks will be in force.

    If you are not interested in playing with the pinks, fish the faster water at the seams. Eggs or hardward, though the pinks are a bit more aggressive towards the hardward.

    Good luck, watch for bears on the Russian!!!


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