I am new up here from the lower 48, had hunted and spearfished a fair bit, but not done much rod and reel. So I have been getting out for about a month on a kayak fishing lakes for trout etc. Today I had the good fortune of trying out my drysuit at Tangle Pond down near portage

The good
Dry suit works great

The bad
only when zipped fully

Still good
Kept warm in spite of being fairly wet

Gearing up to get on the water got very excited to try out a new drysuit and get used to the gear, after about three strokes out in the water realized I forgot my PFD. Turned around and beached the kayak, grabbed the PFD and the kayak had drifted into about 6 feet of water, hopped in with drysuit swam slightly to kayak at which point, a spot of freezing cold the size of a half dollar grabbed my attention and ran down to my feet. Made it back in zipped up the rest of the way and spent the next couple of hours tossing a variety of lures for a couple of bites and a beautiful day on the water.
Not the best fishing, but highly educational