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Thread: Noatak River float - Nimiuktuk to Nakolik

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    Default Noatak River float - Nimiuktuk to Nakolik

    I'm going to be floating the Noatak River towards the end of July. I will be putting in upriver from the confluence of the Nimiuktuk and taking out a bit down river from the Nakolik.

    Has anybody floated this stretch of the river?

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    Paddled from well above the Nimiuktuk to the village of Noatak. I have no idea where the Nakolik is. We did it in a 16.5' Ally canoe

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    Hunter it and snow machined up there a few times. I have a rafting group headed up to the Anisic in 2 weeks so if I can help let me know.

    We ship inflatable rafts (SOAR 16 and 18 foot Pro-Pioneers) up many times each summer and can provide gear and flight service referral as well.

    This might be reaching you to late but we are the Go-To outfitter for that country.

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    The plan has changed and now we are floating from the Cutler to the Nakolik.

    Walt, we are good to go on gear for this trip, but I may be contacting you later this summer. I want to get the kids out on a shorter overnight (easy) float to introduce them to float trips, and I was thinking about trying the Gulkana.


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