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Thread: What size vibrax and favorite colors for silvers in the valley?

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    Default What size vibrax and favorite colors for silvers in the valley?

    Well, I 'll be in Alaska mid-late August and I'm wondering what are the must have color and size vibrax spinners to stock up on for silvers before coming to Alaska. I'll mainly be fishing montana creek, sheep, clear creek etc. (Talkeetna area streams) and towards the end Little SU when I'm in Palmer. Should i use size #3 for the smaller clearer streams like clear and bigger spinners 4-5 at the mouths of Montana and the bigger rivers? It doesn't seem like the #3 (1/4 oz.) would cast so far on 12# mono, but I guess if that's what catches the fish then that's what I'll use. Also, what are your favorite colors for the various conditions and streams?

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    I had my best luck last summer in those general areas on #4's in the pink/silver blade. I tried some 5's but they didn't produce as well.

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    pink and silver #4 is my favorite.

    Sometimes I will add a little pink yarn to the hook.

    Also I like just about any silver bladed 4 or 5 vibrax or mepps. Gold does well too on overcast days.

    Every once in while I will use the dreaded pixie. I have to admit they work. If I am fishing with someone who is not keeping a spinners blade going I will have them use a pixie and it will work.

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    Thumbs up vibrax

    I was there last year at the same time. #3 or #4 vibrax in Chartruese or orange. silver blade or same colors. Fish where the clear water of the stream meets the silty water of the river = Fish on.
    Suggestion: cut off the treble and replace with the single hook . It will stop you from snagging fish and keep the lure in the water long enough for a silver to hit. I had lots of problems snagging pinks and chums until I switched.

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    Default bleeding blue will get her everytime...

    My favorite Vibrax is the "bleeding blue". Blue body, red spinner blade and red hook. Fish love the red! Size 4 or 5.


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