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Thread: Windy Creek (by Susitna River) update

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    Default Windy Creek (by Susitna River) update

    I haven't boated Windy since the big flood, so the boy and I went and checked it out. It is still steep and rocky, lots of rapids packed in there back to back. I would say the bulk of the rapids are III-III+ a couple are in the IV range, too long and convoluted to be called III, much like the Little Su in sections, just smaller. At a strong flow, the entire run will be class IV-IV+.

    As you go up WC road about 3.5 miles, you put in right where a small valley on the far side comes to the creek, you will see some brushy stuff growing in the creek/ large willows. You have about two minutes before the class III starts, and it gets steep with only micro eddies to use to stop. You will then go through a section that is very much like the upper Little Su, it is basically continuous, the rapids are back to back.

    After a couple miles the creek will ease up for a couple of minutes, then you will see some canyon walls ahead. There is a decent rapid in there with a couple of ledges to boof, so if your spooked at this point stop and take a look.

    The creek will ease up again, then you will see a few more canyon walls, but the harder stuff is done.

    When you hit the wooded section the creek is just swiftwater with some blind corners. There is no wood in the creek, but it does plow into some wood along the bank on one corner. Use the eddies before the corners to boat scout before committing, this will ensure safe access through this section without problems.

    Even though I rate this creek class III-III+ at medium flows, most class III boaters will get their butts handed to them. It is very steep, and the rapids have tight lines, if the water covers most rocks, it is a wild ride and will be much harder and more serious.

    Here is a pic of Kyle giving his approval smirk in a eddy in the middle of a rapid. Enjoy, it is a classic.
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