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    I have been baiting since 1990
    This is the first time ive had this happen .A first year grizzly cub came into the bait but momma stayed out of sight huffing.
    Then that cub left and in came a black bear cub. The black bear mom stayed in the woods popping her teeth.
    Then the grizzly cub came back in and they two cubs ran into the woods together. I decided that we needed to leave it didnt seem safe any body have both types of cubs come in.

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    That is cool! Sounds like cubs didn't know better and didn't listen to mommmas!
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    That sounds great..wish I coulda been there for that..

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    Back in the early 80's had a black bear sow with 3 new cubs show up at my cabin. She would wander around on patrol while the cubs did their thing. Tearing apart the wood pile looking for treats, etc. At one point, mom, was on a stack of wood that was piled against the side of the cabin. Her nose pressed against a visqueen window. I moved that wood pile after she left. LOL. Had a cub shove it's nose as far under the front door as possible. There was about a 2" gap at the time. I laid down on the floor and had a chat with him, nose to nose.
    These bears would show up several times a day. One day while they were there, someone went past my cabin on the access trail and whistled. Momma barked and all 3 cubs were up trees in a blink. Mom stood facing down the trail, huffing and woofing. I grabbed up a .300 mag and watched, expecting someone to approach. Shortly she left with the cubs. My buddy and I headed down to the trail and found a young couple. Told them what happened at the cabin and asked why they whistled when they went by. They had seen the 4 cross the trail from a ways back, so made noise when they got to where they had seen them. I explained they should have been making noise sooner since all they did was startle mom into a defensive position. Earlier noise and she would have vacated before they arrived.
    Another time they were there, and a neighbor family working on there cabin nearby approached mine from through the woods. Mom and cubs leave. We had the advantage of watching the human family approach as the bear family left. Both in sight at the same time, but the humans never saw the 4 bears.
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