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Thread: Upper Kenai Report

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    I floated the Upper today. The water level is maybe a foot below the later summer level. The water reaches the end of the Cooper Landing boat ramp. The sanctuary had numerous sockeyes holding. The Russian River level looked low. I didn't float any of the back braids today, but the first and second braids below the ferry looked open at the entrance and exits. I have no idea what kind of strainers may exist farther in. The third braid (below the river left cliffs) that always seems full of wood was still till the same. There is no way I would float into that without a thorough scout and even then it's probably not worth the risk. The fourth braid that exits across from Jim's looked mostly open at the entrance but I would still scout before committing. While I was taking out at Jim's another raft exited that last braid. Nice day on the river without the crowds that start next week.

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    Anyone have a report from the canyon?


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