Just found this forum site and joined, I always post on the fuge- but I figure the more sites with information that you can access the better your success. I've got a question for you guys. I've got a zodiac and have been doing quite a bit of scouting this summer already. i've read that some people go to goose bay and hunt. I've been over there from the arm side and it seems like an alright place- and i've found a couple little ponds that i'd like to hunt. But I don't want to get in anyone else's spot. Can u guys let me know how many people go over there, and how they get there. I'm wanting to stay by the inlet and not go in very far. Thanks

Also- how about the eagle river flats? You have to get permission from ft. rich but i know the people to talk to to get that done. Any of you hunt over there? I've been down that way and it looks good but i just don't want it to be to many people over there. Kinda like how rabbit slough is getting. I think i'm giving up on that place, and swan/leaf lake areas and jims creek.

sorry this post is so long- but i've got 2 seasons left here and i plan on hunting 70+ days these next 2 years. Lets get scouting and open this place wide open. We need to reduce california's harvest numbers!