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    This year I bought a new boat. It is a 17 Alaskan Wooldridge with a 115 Suzuki jet. All of my old boats were 16 foot with 35 hp boats. The weight difference between the old boats and the new one this year is over a thousands pounds. I have been having a hard time running the same places as before as if I get stuck now it is a big deal. I did run it once over shallow, no water, because a a boat was sideways in the water around a corner. I was on the the Delta Clearwater today and was running in a couple of places where it was around a foot of water. I would like to know how long it takes, if ever, to get used to running shallow water with a heavy boat?

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    Practice, practice, practice. The more you practice the sooner you will become comfortable with the new boat. I prefer to practice and learn in clear waters. It helps to see the water depth and put that together with how the boat reacts. Keep a sharp eye and learn what the boat wants by feeling how it reacts to the different water depths. Find out how much it drafts when loaded as that will be a key factor on when and where you decide to turn back. With the heavier boat you might change what kind of retrieval gear you normally carry to get it wet again. It will happen sooner or later when running the shallows, but that's all part of the fun!


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