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Thread: Best Minto access

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    Default Best Minto access

    I've heard there are 3 ways to get to minto to do some fishing: down the Tanana from Nenana, old Murphy Dome Rd, or Minto village. Can anyone weigh in as to which is the best option. My goal is to get back in there and do some fishing and not spend all my time getting in. Ive got a mud motor so i dont get anywhere really fast (runs about 20mph), but can generally get though the thick stuff.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Default Minto Access

    I personally go to Minto Village and launch. It is roughly a 3-3 hour drive from North Pole pulling a boat. The road is gravel after the Livengood turn off until about ten miles from the village, then it is paved again. I have wanted to try the river route from Nenana, but want to talk to someone who has done it recently before I try it. Good luck and good fishing.


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