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    Anybody ever draw this permit and if you have how was your luck. Any help is appreciated thanks

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    Default How was your luck?

    Got a trip report?

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    we did this one last year... and the herd has changed so much in the last 15 -20 years

    talking to the BIo. FLY in is by far the best choice. back in 92-93 they did a huge culling of the herd and forced them back into the Wood river CUA.. we have seen ONE bou in the ferry system in the last 5 years. and that was a spring cow. the culling was to keep them from mixing with the Denali herd... F&g call it a die off... the locals call it the HUNT!

    Atv access to BOU in 20 is extreamly limited. one or two areas with limited herd access... i would say less then 2-3% rate of success.

    they calve and summer in the northern area of unit 13. and start north past the yanert in early aug. ( walk in or horse only)

    this is one of those hunts that looks good on paper. but is hard to fill if you do not have an air transport.
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    Did a combo caribou/moose 827 last year in early august near the Trident glacier.
    Saw only scattered cows and calves.


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