Yes, I am a little stern heavy but not a lot. With the Kaboat if I put to much weight up front and none in the middle at WOT the boat will cobra/ bend some in the middle. So I put weight in the middle to stop the cobra effect at WOT. At cruising speed I have no issues with weight. I have my floor at 10 PSI and I am to worried to put more pressure in it. I spread the load out the entire length and that works much better as long as I have enough load to do so.

I read in one article online that someone was putting plywood under the pressure floor and that cured all cobra problems. If I just use a 8' length I think that will get me past the bending point. I am going to check that out this spring to see if that will cure my problems at WOT. I know some people have put a rowing frame on the Kaboat and that seem to be an answer too. If the plywood don't work (simple easy) then I will invest some time into the rowing frame.