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    Default Pioneer Ridge

    Has anyone hiked from Pioneer Ridge to Eklutna/Twin Peaks?

    How far is it? How long did it take? What was the terrain like? Were you able to stay above tree line most of the trip?

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    I haven't hiked from one to the other, but I've looked over the route from the top of both trails and from the air. You would absolutely be above tree line for the entire trip. It might be doable in one very long day, but I would pack lightly and plan on camping halfway. It's a pretty long traverse around the goat creek drainage, and there is a fair amount of up and down between the peaks along the way. If you do the trip, let us know how it went. I've been contemplating this one for a while now.


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    My guess would be when you went up the Pioneer Peak trail, at the 5300 foot mark you would want to go south, southwest (away from Twin Peaks) followint the ridge, and then going onto the ridge line that heads towards Twin Peaks. Going down into Goat Creek valley floor you will have a lot of skree, step, and possible a tough crossing of the creak itself. Crossing more towards the head waters seems smarter IMHO. Once at the picnic table @ 5300 feet it will seem more obvious...go left, stay high, follow the terrain...should be doable.
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    Default Great Trip

    Did that trip a few years back.... excellent hike. We did it in 2 days, first day was very long. The up and down was pretty brutal as you go up and down a few ridge lines on your way. We went up Pioneer, then followed the ridgeline east (over Yudikench Peak and Bleak Peak) and ended up dropping in on the back side of Eklutna lake. Very doable, and you stay above the treeline almost the whole way until you hook into the Eklutna trail coming back (the Bold Ridge trail). My thighs and feet definitely felt it for a few days!! It's a fun one to test your map reading skills.... all of it between Pioneer Ridge and the back of Eklutna is off-trail, pick the right place to cross the ridge type of stuff. We didn't go up twin peaks, but you could hook into those from the Eklutna lake side. I'd take 3 days if I was going to hit those too.


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