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Thread: TMA access ?

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    Default TMA access ?

    Will be 1st time in the Tok Management Area this year hunting sheep, and I'm studying the potential access point for walking or ATV. Would like to hear from you about your experiences walking in or riding ATV to access the country. (Tok River, Clearwater Creek, Yerrick Creek, Roberston River)
    Thanks, Jen

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    Default Robertson river

    I do not think you could ride along side the Robertson River with a ATV, I saw tracks along for just a little way and then the river goes against a cliff. I don't think you could go further without crossing it or going through the trees for a while. I wouldn't cross it in a 4 wheeler either. The river is wide and goes from one bank to the other, quite a bit. There may be a trail along side but I do not know of it. Good luck.

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    Default TMA Is Not Suited To ATV Access

    All of those that you mention except for Tok river are not ATV friendly. Much easier to walk in. The Tok river access can have its own problems but is doable. There is a hiking trail of sorts that connect Yerrick & Clearwater but do not attempt it with an ATV plus on the Yerrick side there can be tresspass issues if you try it with an atv. Plan on walking in. There are several other smaller drainage accesses that I think are better and less popular then those mentioned but they too are walk ins.


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