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Thread: 12-14' Mini Airboat w/ Rotax 582

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    Default 12-14' Mini Airboat w/ Rotax 582

    I've heard there are two or three 12'-14' mini's running around Alaska with Rotax 582's on them. Have some pics of one a friend saw while caribou hunting last year but didn't get any hull numbers or identifyers. I'm looking for anyone that owns or has used this set-up to see how they pulled, what they could haul, and to see if anyone did any thrust tests with their set-ups. I just sold the 582 on my 12' boat and trying to determine how much more HP I need vs want before I install the new engine and begin the redrive process. As always, thanks in advance.
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    I made two trips up the Maclaren River in a buddies 12 foot airboat running the 582 Rotax. It was just us two fellas both of which are on the lighter side compared to the average american adult male. We both had light camping gear for a week. The boat would do okay until we would come round a bend in the river and hit a strong headwind. With the combination of sliding around the corner and the strong headwind we would occasionally get knocked off of step and my buddy would head for shallow water to get the lift needed to get back up on step again. It was not much for performance that is for sure. But as long as we packed light, we did okay.


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