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Thread: Heavy 308 loads

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daved View Post
    I just looked on the Delta Bison Hunter Orientation and it says a 200g bullet with 2000 FP. Where are you hunting?
    Im hunting in the Yukon Territory....our regs require a 180 grain 30-cal bullet that generates 2800 foot pounds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alaska_Lanche View Post
    Only reason I didn't rebore my Model 7 .308 to .358 was because its my first big game rifle and my dad gave it to me so I wanna keep it as is.

    If you have 200 SGK on hand like you mentioned I was able to get over 2500 fps with those as well and the BC is pretty darn good actually.

    That said they are pretty long and depending on seating depth you will have a bit more room for powder with a shorter and tougher Nosler Partiion, Swift A Frame, or Woodleigh Weldcore (the shortest 200 bullet I could find).
    Thanks for the tip on seating depths. Do you have the COAL you settled on handy for the various bullets? I have both Partitions and SGKs and will likely start with the SGKs just because they are cheaper to shoot.

    I'm in the exact same boat with my Model 7, it was the first rifle given to me by my parents, so it will remain unchanged. Similar story with my Savage 99 in .308 that was passed down to me from my Grandpa.

    I do have a 760 Gamemaster in .243 that I've thought of doing the .358 conversion on, but I'm not a huge fan of pumps and not sure I'd find myself using it that often.

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    I am mag box limited on both my Model 7 and my Kimber 308s so I just load them to 2.800" and go from there.

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