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Maybe I did miss the point of his post, but I can read. Couple of points...He says " wolves knock off a few caribou, here and there." This to me infers exactly what he said, ( a few here and there)....How many caribou wolves take isn't even debatable any more, study after study has proven they take a lot more than a few here and there. I doubt any biologist would argue that caribou are wolves main food source in these areas. He then goes on to say that a healthy well fed caribou can "outrun a wolf anyway, until old, wounded, or sick." That statement is simply not true. I spend as much time on the land as anyone, and far more than most, and I can assure you that even one wolf can catch and kill a healthy caribou. A pack of 7 or more can kill at will. Ive even seen lone wolverines kill adult caribou. His post to me infers that warm winter weather is the cause of the herds decline, and Im not arguing that point. Im simply saying wolves can and do catch caribou...healthy well fed caribou included.

I dont disagree with with anything I said. I won't pretend to speak for Stranger.......OK, yes I will! I think Stranger will mostly agree with what you have stated. Probably in its entirety. The statements that u specifically point out in my mind were not made to say that those are gospel statements. More so that in this particular herd and circumstance those particular statements that u make are not primary factors in this case.
I'm not a biologist nor play one on tv but anyone with much wildlife experience can make certain assumptions about certain circumstances in which he is fairly familiar with. My (limited) experiences with wolves tells me that they adapt to what works best for the pack or even right down to the individual wolf. Some wolves would naturally be better and more dependent on a certain prey, like caribou. Others may prefer smaller safer prey like hare.
So im thinking you two aren't far apart in your assessment, but just coming from a bit diff perspective.
My two cents.