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Thread: Planning an airboat trip to Alexander lake

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    Default Planning an airboat trip to Alexander lake

    i have never been up Alexander creek, & im planning a trip this summer to go with my airboat all the way to Alexander lake for some fishing and exploring. Does anybody have some info on - finding the mouth of Alexander creek, how many hours trip up to lake ? Im trying to figure how much fuel I need to bring. Are there any other Airboater's that would like to do this trip also ?

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    What's your setup?
    Motor, hull, gph fuel burn cruising at, speed, etc....
    Launching from Deshka, susitna, etc....?
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    Hey BK, there are 2 ways into Alexander Creek that I know of, an upper channel and a lower channel off the mainstream Susitna. The upper channel goes downstream to Alexander Creek and can be pretty iffy on water depth for regular jet boats. The lower channel goes upstream to Alexander Creek. 3 years ago we moose hunted up the lower channel and never made it all the way up to Alexander Creek, got our moose without going there. The upper channel was too low water for us. The lower channel branches off below the power line to Beluga about 45 miles from the Deshka Landing. Google Earth is good place to start. There's also a guy on this site that goes by Alexander who lives on the lower end and may be good contact.

    I've been across the one end of Alexander Lake a couple times this winter but that doesn't help you much.


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