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Thread: Jim creek Reds or Silvers?

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    Default Jim creek Reds or Silvers?

    Anyone seeing any reds or silvers showing up in Jim creek yet?

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    Default silvers and reds

    should be showing up anyday now. Go up there and scope it out. I would but I plan on hitting little sue this weekend. Gonna try my luck up there.

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    havent heard anything about jim creek but eklutna has landed a couple silvers.

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    Last week in July they should be trickling in. Anything before that is usually a waste of time.

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    Default Jim Creek, Eklutna

    Fished Eklutna yesterday and saw only red kings playing around in the water and with our lines. One ran with mine forever! Saw probably 4 hooked, none taken and no silvers anywhere so far. Should be soon though. Jim Creek is assessable, but it is a little early. Try the middle of next week maybe.

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    Default Jim Creek and Eklutna

    Fished jim creek and eklutna today. No bites and no sign of reds or silvers yet. Someone said they caught a silver in Eklutna last night but I think I will give it another week. Sure are a lot of dead and dying kings in the upper portion of the tailrace. Sure seems like a waste to let them die off and not be salvaged. I wouldn't mind seeing it open for snagging after the 4th of july weekend.


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