A friend of mine who is a marine electronics guru posted this about battery chargers on another site i hang out on. Very informative but long read. Anyone looking for a good honest opinion & low prices on a electronics package can contact Chris at www.PrecisionMarineCenter.com
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Victron!!! Bulletproof, incredibly well designed and most importantly will keep your batteries alive longer. I wold love to go on a huge post about chargers but I am kinda pressed for time at this moment but will try to at least help for now. I will post below though an incredibly informative guide to understanding batteries and the battery/charger relationship. Suffice to say, a battery charger and its charging voltages are the key the lifespan of the banks. Overcharging, undercharging, gassing, sulfation, current flow and the importance of temperature, these are all the little things that make or break a battery, and when you consider the fact that the boat is plugged in the majority of its lifetime with the charger going (in most cases), getting the right charger and more importantly understanding how it is supposed to perform cannot be understated.. The link below is for a 'Battery Bible' Victron Energy put together a few years ago, so while it may not mention some of the 'latest and greatest' it absolutely covers the basics. That said, there is quite a bit that may not relate to your application, as they do marine as well as industrial/telecom/off-grid systems, but it's pretty on point. I know it may seem like a boring read at first, but I really do ask that you at least give it a shot. Also, to anyone who checks this thread, I recommend taking a gander. All the best fam.

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