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Thread: Eberlestock 107 or Badlands 4500

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    Default Eberlestock 107 or Badlands 4500

    Trying to decided which one to buy. Anyone have experience with both or any thing stand out good or bad on either one? I am thinking I would like to use it to keep various levels of survival gear in cub when working and double as my hunting pack when not working.

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    Default Badlands

    The Badlands 4500 will handle a good load (120#+) better than the Eberlestock.

    Good luck.

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    I own the newest version of the 4500 - Its a nice, well built pack, the only thing I think I can knock it on is that its a pretty heavy pack when empty...but on the same note, the weight rides incredibly well.

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    While I have no experience with the eberlestock, i do with the badlands and i would go with that. you can't go wrong with a badlands.
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    Default 107 Is comfortable

    I just picked up the 107 and it is built really well. It has a ton of straps and compartments which is a plus. The suspension system is adjustable, so I can place the weight exactly where I want to. I like how it can be a day pack and expand out to a freighter. So far it rides really nice and is comfortable when packing in the mountains. We'll see how well it packs a goat next month, if I'm lucky.

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    I bought an 07 Badlands 4500 yesterday for $315. I didn't have a chance to look at a 104 or 107, but their smaller ones looked nice. I have about 50lbs total w/ bag so far. Will have a few more items to jam in it yet and then give it a try.

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    I have the 107 and love it. Got it last year and haven't looked back. I like the idea of being able to use it as a small pack then put meat in and go with it expanded. You don't have a lot of extra pack hanging out when packing in light because it all zips up. If you plan on doing bow hunting or don't need a gun boot then it might not make sense to get the 107 as it has the boot built in but I would use it even bow hunting just tucking in the lower portion of the boot. Good luck to you. Go check out a 107 and try it on, you won't be dissapointed.


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