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    Default Seward Combo

    I would like to take a Silver/Halibut combo trip out of Seward in the next two weeks. If Cracker Jack is booked, who else should I try?

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    Default Profish-n-Sea or Saltwater Safari

    Profish-n-Sea is a partner to crakerjack and Saltwater Safari is a direct competitor. Good luck.
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    Default Hats off to Pro Fish N Sea

    I second the nod to Steve @ Pro Fish N Sea; we booked the boat a couple of years ago with Steve for a long day combo ling/halibut trip. Spent quite a while running, but we all got lings (bigger ones in the high 50lb range) and halibut was a bit slow; mostly under 40 lb. fish, but 1 went 120 lbs. The real kick though, was getting into the silvers which was a bonus. While trying to limit on lings, we threw out a chunk of herring on a light rod, silvers swarmed the boat and we got about 7 while ling fishing; we then moved to a chicken hole to finish out on 'buts and silvers were there too. 5 of us incidentally caught 15 silvers (3 per limit outside the Bay) with one rod taking turns! Steve wanted to head in after we got our halibut, but we twisted his arm to stay another few minutes cause the silvers were thick! Great trip!
    So we got a "triple" combo trip! For 2 years in a row I tried to book with Crackerjack but they book up WAY in advance (back when they had one boat), so we went with Steve and had a blast.

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    Default seward combo

    Thanks for the info, I will start calling.


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