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Thread: bear vs. bow question

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    Default bear vs. bow question

    hi this is just a question i had, i have not done nor do i plan on doing this just in case i get the guys who tell me about the safety stuff as usual.

    as i carry my bow around the woods with an arrow nocked lets say w/ a field point and you walk into a blackie that charges you. say i had enough time to draw and shoot. would you be better off just letting the bear maul you or would you try to put an arrow in its head? i know how small of a spot and how likely the chance to kill it with a pistol is but in this situation what would you do.

    i think i would stick the bear w/ my arrow and then try to keep my bow in between my head and the bears.

    just curious. vance

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    Red face bear vs bow

    Drop said bow and pull sidearm! OR, use your bow as a club and fight him! A field point even at close (charging) range on any bear isn't gonna do much good, even with a good shot, let alone kill it. It'll happen too fast, adrenalin in you and the bear, lots of bone between you and the vitals, shooting a very fast moving target and reaction time. A head-on bow shot to the mug on a bear? Me personally, I just don't see it happening. There's always that one in a qua-billion chance of it working in your favor, but don't count on it. I'm still not sure (even hypothetically) why you would be in the woods hunting with a field point. I mean, that's why you'd be in the woods in the first place with your bow, isn't it? Anyways, that's what I would do...Beat him with it to defend yourself and if you survive, go get another bow...Letting him "just" maul you is NOT an option... Fight-Fight-Fight!!!

    Hypothetically, good luck...

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    Red face Well

    By the time you decide to drop the bow and reach for the handgun you might be better reaching for a Bible.

    If you are far enough away you should have time to avoid the situation. If you are too close to avoid an attack, it is probably going to happen with amazing speed. I have seen a lot of them run.... and they are faster than me.

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