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Thread: Is there a mining club in the valley or in Anchorage?

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    Default Is there a mining club in the valley or in Anchorage?

    Howdy all. Just got me a keene 2.5" highbanker/dredge combo and now I'm waiting for the warm weather to go and figure out which end takes the dirt :D To cut my teeth i plan on visiting caribou Creek, Petersville, and crow mine.

    It's there a mining club in either the valley or anchorage?

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    I believe the GPAA meets somewhere monthly. I've read about it, but not entirely sure if it's outdated or not. Check with the GPAA.

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    Yes the GPAA has an Anchorage chapter. I believe they also have a private club.
    I'm a Kenai GPAA member.
    There is contact information in the gold prospecter magazine.
    If you can't find it pm me and I'll get you their contact information.

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