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Thread: Skyline-fuller traverse

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    Default Skyline-fuller traverse

    Anybody try this hike/snowshoe in the wintertime?? Done it in the summer, just curious about snow levels and/or avalanche danger in the winter. Thanks in advance!

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    I have only been up to Lower Fuller in the winter, last March 2016, not much avalanche danger up to Lower Fuller but can't speak to the rest of the route. Snow level last March was pretty deep and I post holed some. I Didn't have snowshoes.
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    Both sides are obviously doable, but I've never done the traverse in winter. Don't know why it wouldn't be doable. The big dip should be fine, and the drop down into Fuller isn't too steep, though options open up with the alders covered. No worries about water up high if you camp, that's one nice thing about winter!


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