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Thread: Alaska grizzly hunt for sale....

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    Default Alaska grizzly hunt for sale....

    I have one grizzly hunt open July 25- august 3 of 2017.
    This is my highest success rate time frame. Blueberries are ripening up and there are a few salmon running the river in the valley. This is a base camp tent hunt, home style meals and as always I do all my own guiding. My camps are all smoke free and alcohol free. Hides are not as good as they are in September or later season but success rate is considerably higher on this hunt. Black bears can be taken incidental
    To the grizzly. Air taxi is included in the price.
    Not included is hunting license and tags.
    Hunt costs normally $14,000
    Posted for $11,000

    Jake jefferson
    Alaska master guide 212
    7362 w parks hwy #381
    Wasilla alaska 99623
    These are all bears taken during this time slot.
    Master guide 212

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    Wish I had the extra money as it would be great to be around you for a week.
    Now left only to be a turd in the forrest and the circle will be complete.Use me as I have used you


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