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    I'm looking at doing an overnight canoe trip from the highway up into the lakes at the headwaters. I haven't spent any time in that area and any information I could get on doing such a trip, would be very helpfull. Thanks.

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    Let me get this straight, you plan to take a canoe to Carmen Lake? Is this a canoe fitted with an outboard?

    Glacier river is a swift river, there are many large exposed boulders, and a ton of low grade shallow water falls. I turned around half way to Carmen Lake in my 16' jon. Would I do it in a canoe? Probably not.

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    have ben there with a 19 FT with a 15 outboard on the back it was not easy with my rig, an it will be very hard with out an outboard even then I had to pull it a few places, if you have had a lot of time in a canoe in fast water you will make it, an it will take most of the day to make it by paddleing an pulling, coming down it will be fast an if you do paddle you will probley tip it at least once if not twice the river is tuff there is a lot of equiment it the river I know as I lost a new 15 HP in there an never got it back still there I think


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