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    Just got back home to Texas We had an awesome trip to the Kenai Peninsula,Did two flyouts with High Adventure the first to the Chuit on June 28,where I was lucky enough to catch my first king that weighed 40# all three of us limited but the hilitewas a 50# plus that we had hooked and lost after 10 seconds That fish continued to jump for the next three hours and we could still see the wiggle wart in his jaw!!
    Next was to wolverine creek for reds and a little bear watching Easy limits and a griz and a blackie entertained us all day
    Did three halibut charters Homer Deep Creek and Ninilchick Finally got a 110 out of Deep Creek
    Fished the Kenai with Bob Estes two days and we had two kings 51# and 21# plus we caught two reds on Kwik fish
    Finally we went to Seward and did the Pony cove thing all limited in a couple of hours on some nice silvers

    Finally I would like to thank all of you guys on this forum for making this trip something that we will never forget

    Mike Cooley

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    Default Best Advice?

    I too am from TX- about to take my 16 yr old son to Kenai River, july 27-AUg 5th. I have never been to AK before- What is your best advice to have successful fishing trip? we are hiring river salmon guide 1 day, halibut fishing wiht guide 1 day out of Homer, and one day float plane guided trip to secluded lake- other days we are on our own- to fish/ hike etc...
    Let me know your thoughts- thanks


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