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    Default Sitka Gear

    Just wondering what anyones experince is with Sitka Clothes. What is better the 90% pants or the mountain pants? Also, are they worth the extra bucks?

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    Default Try pristineventures

    Hit up Marc taylor on pristineventures. Marc owns Wiggy's and sells the Sitka gear.

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    Default Sitka gear

    I got my sitka gear, however get the mountain pants rather than the 90% , because You can wear capilene under wear by patagonia or whatever brand you choose, also the 90 % pants are to thick and you will get hot,and you cannot shed layers, however I did by the 90% jacket one size up so I can wear my capilene thermal shirt and the sitka shirt, as far as the down pour jacket? get the Helly Hansen Impertech to go over your 90% jacket.Get the beanie too keeps head warm and its actually comfortable. Sitka gear is pricey but it is nice and it does work, its so nice I'm afraid to get it dirty. .....K


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