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Thread: Access to south side

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    Default Access to south side

    I've dipnetted on the north side of the both the Kasilof and Kenai, but have yet to figure out how to access the south side of either river. Any help?
    Also, I'm driving a Chevy Silverado, half ton with 4 wheel drive and bald tires. Will this get me there?

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    Go south about a mile pass the bridge and turn right. I can't remember the name of the road (Cohoe something?) but it's the turn off for the Crooked Creek campground. Follow this, 6 to 8 miles, until you hit the beach.

    Some cross the sand and drive on the hard below the high water mark. I prefer to take the right on the 4 wheel trails on the dunes. Either way, just follow the beaten path.

    4wd pretty much mandatory. Of course I use an F250. Chevy boys should stay home.

    Seriously, you'll be fine. Bring a shovel and if by rare occurance you get wicked stuck, plenty of friendly people with help you out.


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