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    Default Paper targets...

    Not having a shooting range to purchase paper zeroing targets I've found an easy way to make good zeroing targets. I use cereal boxes as the paper & mark off 1" tick marks, vertically, on both sides, from the top crease of the flap all the way to the bottom flap crease, & then to the same horizontally, on both top & bottom, & then I make a circle in the middle of the target, 1" in diameter, using a thick sharpie & then I mark lines connecting the tick marks. I then darken four squares that are one cubic inch away from the circle in the middle, & do that for all "quadrants". Then I take & darken the middle horizontal & vertical lines X & Y axis, to make the "reticle" lines for use with your scope.

    I love this set up (same targeting paper AK Fish & Game range in Rabbit Creek has) As you can use this zeroing target @ 25 yds, & then again @ 100 yds, 200 yds etc.

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    Here's a pdf of one I came across a while back. Right click the link and download/save the file to your computer.

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    Since we're sharing, attached is a 2 page pdf that I developed, it is very similar to the previous posted pdf. The page 1 smaller target is on a 1/2" grid, I use it for 100 and 200 yds with a high power scope. This layout lends itself nicely for up to a 3" high POI.

    The page 2 larger target is on a 1" grid that I use at 300 yds or with a handgun or muzzleloader. It is designed for a center POI.

    On the text on the bottom, SD is for Standard Deviation from the Chrony.
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    I normally print mine out from:

    here are a few more after doing some searches.

    These last ones were links taken off of found it by doing a search for "free online targets" (with the quotes). Figured I would give credit to the site I found the other links off of.

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    Default This is my favorite

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