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Thread: Chena River float

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    Default Chena River float

    Anyone been on the Chena recently? It looks low in town and was wondering how up around Rose Hip was. I've got a 16' Cat.

    Also, I'd like to do a 3 hr. float to take some new people to rafting out. I want to go on the Chena but not through town. Any thoughts on access from CHSR?


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    Default Dam to Nordale

    Try the dam to Nordale. Not too many jet boats. Also try this link.


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    Default Chena

    Water is still down a bit making ofr slow going in any inflatable. **** to Nordal is a great float expect to take at least 9-10 Hours with stick time unless the water volume picks up.

    Rose Hip down to the **** is a long haul and I do mean Long.

    Third Bridge down to 40 mile nice float water is extremely tight at the start so luanch on the right.

    Have Fun!

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    I just did this float on sunday. Went from Nordale to pike's (by princess lodge.) Took about 9.5 hours by raft - we paddled 85% of the time. I'd suggest putting in below angle rocks to avoid the shallows.


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