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Thread: Kasilof news ??

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    Default Kasilof news ??

    Does any one have any reports about the dipnetting at Kasilof from this past weekend?

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    I dipped this weekend from the south side of the mouth.

    7Jul 0600-0700 4 fish on incomming tide. 0700-1100 6 more fish. High tide about 0930.

    8Jul 1200-1330. 6 fish outgoing tide. Current fairly strong there after.

    Commercial boats were not out this weekend. The counts are comming up so you can expect they'll be let out more by extra openings.

    I didn't plan to dip full tilt. My casual goal was 10 fish. I netted 16.

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    Was slow but seems to be getting better. We were blessed with three on the Fri evening tide, and another 20 on Sat from 6am to 2pm. By the AOJ graphs it looks like Sun was the best day.


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