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Thread: Fun fishing trip on the Kenai

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    Exclamation Fun fishing trip on the Kenai

    Fished the kenai for 3 days july 4th-7th with some out of town relatives. We fished up from bings, in the keys closer to skilak. Were targeting reds and only found one school of about 20~ of all the 3 days. Luckily between the five of us, we got 1 red, which was on the 5th. Right after the red my dad hooked a 21 inch dolly which we had to let go due to the 18 inch size limit. Next day went out and drifted from skilak to the cabin, I was the only one to catch anything, but the only one of us 3 really trying. I caught a 26 inch dolly, a 7 inch rainbow, and lost another rainbow which was probably 15 inches or so. All in all they had a good time although the fishing wasnt good for salmon. I am not a fly fisherman by the way, and was using a red coho fly with a weight 18 inches away. Unfortunately none of the trout were small enough for us to keep... =( I was looking forward to a nice rainbow/dolly on the table

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    Default Great report

    Great report, sounds like you had a lot of fun. It seemed that the Russian sockeye were off to a spectacular start and then just died off????? We are just starting to see sockeye flip on the lower again... another week and the numbers should be catchable once again.

    One minor correction however, above the Soldotna bridge, the resident fish (i.e. rainbows or dollies) must be less than 16" if retained.

    Glad you had a great time, better luck on dinner next time..

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    The mainstem Kenai River from its mouth upstream to and including Skilak Lake, except within a -mile radius of the upper Kenai River inlet rainbow must be less than 18 inches. Above Skilak Lake is 16 inches.

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    Red face I stand corrected!

    You are correct...

    We release all resident fish regardless of size, so I didn't give it too much thought and remembered incorrectly that the bridge was the cut off....

    This goes to show the complexity of the regulations for this area (and others of Alaska)...

    It is the slot limit that remains above the Soldotna bridge until the middle of July.

    Thanks for the correction.


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