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    Default stock pitch

    I'm fooling around with this shotgun, like I said in another thread... and I'm going to shorten the stock slightly, along with the barrel. I don't know much about stock fit, but I read a bit about stock pitch... basically, neither the top nor the bottom should dig in more than the other

    Well, after reading that, I shouldered the gun... and it DOES seem like the bottom digs in more, whereas the top quarter of the butt doesn't meet my shoulder at all. Is this normal? Even shooting slugs, the recoil never bothered me at all... so maybe it isn't a big deal.

    When I cut the stock (probably just .5") should I cut it at an angle that takes more off the bottom than the top?

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    Default Pitch, Cast off and Cant...

    I don't know but seems like there's nothing wrong with tailoring it to fit your shoulder. I don't know what that is called but don't think it is pitch I think it is the face, or the angle of the butt. (??) I don't think the cut should be square but the top of heel is shorter than the bottom (toe) of the stock, to allow it to slide up to the shoulder during the mount.

    I think...
    Pitch is angle down from the bore. (more for iron sights) Castoff is outward angle from centerline (normally with a cheek piece) and cant is twist (top of comb rotates outward away from shooters face) of the butt stock.
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