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Thread: remote switch box's

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    Default remote switch box's

    Who uses a remote switch box at their tie down spot? What brand? How well do they work? Whats the cost? I finally just got an electric tie down spot, and I am trying to gather information about remote switch box's for engine heaters ect.

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    Looked into it last year. Think the one Reiff sells they will not sell to Alaskans since too many they sent up didn't work in certain areas. Also some only had one way communication, so you didn't know if it actually turned on, or if someone dialed your number by accident it could turn it on (or off) without you knowing.

    I've been using a programmable outdoor timer, just set it to start heating before the next time I plan to fly. Works pretty well, then if you want to fly in the morning you don't have to choose between letting it run all night or getting up in the middle of the night and calling the switch.

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    Check this out:

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    The original poster of this question is no longer with us and past the point of caring about a remote switch box.
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