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    I have a question about six-mile. I have been trying to study the map but can't figure out the stream system.
    Six-mile and Canyon creek meet right at the Seward Highway and flow towards and into the south side of Turnagain Arm, that much I know.
    Is that the same system with a strong pink salmon run near Hope? I know it seems to follow the road, but I can't tell if it goes all the way to Hope or not, and if that becomes Ressurection creek?
    If not, does Six-mile have any salmon runs at all?
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    Default Six mile

    Wildog - Six mile is a glacier fed river with a few Chums and a pretty good Silver run. Resurection creek (a seperate system) runs right through Hope and is a clear stream. It enters Turnigan arm right at Hope. Great little town. Hope is where most people fish Pinks. There are also a few Chums and Silvers in August. Good luck - Have a great trip.

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    Fished six mile a few years -like 10-back and access was difficult. There are a few atv type trails you can drive a pick-up down to acess the river. None of these are marked, I have a feeling some are on private property, and I don't really remember where they were. Get a good map- one trail leads to an area where there is a boatlaunch and it looked like some people camped down there. There is a guide out of Hope who fishes the river and runs it in a dented up jet boat. When I saw him with a group of clients he asked me how I got there and said I was trespassing on private property. As far as the fishing goes I caught a few bright chums but nothing spectacular. The scenery is awesome. Lots of Bear tracks. Found some awesome stuff lost by the rafters in the log jams and sweepers- neoprene gloves, paddles, and nalegene bottles. Ressurection creek seems like it has way more fish and the access is way easier.

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    Sixmile flows into the inlet in the old burnt down town of Sunrise a good 6-8 miles from Hope. So to answer your question, no, it does not flow near Hope. It is a good river to pan for gold though, but you need to know where to go without claim jumping. Ressurrection is also. Nice places to visit.

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    Default Six Mile Silvers

    I've fished Resurection and caught a million pinks. I took my out of town family there and they had a blast!!!
    How and where are the public access points on six mile? I have always wanted to fish it but it looks impossible to access. Can you access the mouth? I doubt that many silvers travel up to Granite Creek Campground.


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    Smile Six-Mile Access

    I thought I would resurrect this thread from last spring because I learned today that Six-Mile Creek has a 200 foot state-owned retention corridor for sportsman access along the lower portion of the creek. This includes the section of private property where it runs between the raft takeout and the old Sunrise townsite. I was hesitant to explore the lower creek for fear of trespassing. Will have to check it out next summer for silvers.

    Take a look for yourself.


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