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Thread: Eureka Trail conditions

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    Default Eureka Trail conditions

    As much mud and water as you can handle. The most I've seen in many trips in there. It's been pouring steadily in there for over a week. A lot of atvers staying in the gravel pits and they're all hanging out this side of the Little Nel.
    Water_Gremlin and I left the trailhead at 7:30 am and got stopped at the Little Oshetna River 42 miles in by the trail that shoots over to the Oshetna River. Didn't look like any way to get to the other side of that river that involved still having my machine with me
    It was only noon so we took a guick trip to the Sonona and then headed back to the trialhead.
    We talked to a miner in there who almost lost it in the Little Nel the day before and there were two other atvers on Yacko who were basically stuck there until the Little Nel goes down. There was a group of Big Riggers camped on the Tyone.
    Two guys on side by sides passed us on Yacko but they turned around shortly after and followed us a ways back. Right before the Little Nel we stopped and they passed us. Then we go over a little hill and come to the river and there they are already across and headed toward monument. So I say If they can cross the river at the main trail so can we What I didn't know was that those were two different side by sides across the river and the ones that had been behind us were upriver looking for a place to cross the braids I plunged into the river and only made it 20 feet before I was floating and the strong current turned me down river. Luckily my grizzly is snorkled and I gave it full throttle and it paddled me back to the same side before that nasty bend in the river.
    We went back up river and crossed the braids, not too bad but one of the 4 channels will float you about 10 yards before you make it across.
    95 miles of maximum mud and water in less than 10 hours, with a couple of long lunch breaks.

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    Talking camping up there

    Hey DWS my wife has never been tent camping. And i was thinking of eureka as the fact of being able to see critters probably. I havent been other then my flat creek trip earlier this year in a long time. Would you have any suggestion in the area 4 wheeler light trailer. For good trip and not alot of water as i will probably be by myself. the only thing she wants for sure is a camp fire so i was thinking down by little nel. But any idea would be well taken thanks.
    the happy alaskan

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    The water will go down soon, depends on when you plan to travel in there, usally later this month and august and september the rivers are low depending on rain. Most times you can cross the Little Nel anywhere and it's not over the tires. You could also hang out at the Little Nel and watch other people cross to judge if you want to. The Little Nel is a good place to camp, I like it further in. A few miles past that is the Tyone, real nice spots. We never saw one large mammel in 95 miles yesterday and we were looking hard for bear. The animals are where ever they are.
    Have you climbed the backside of monument yet on an atv? You might want to try it alone to decide if you want to take her up it. We were getting air under the front tires climbing it yesterday even though we were standing up and leaning forward.


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