I have a TriStar 20ga semi auto shotgun that I believe is missing some parts. It will not cycle. What I think I know is it was made prior to 2013, is s/n +/- 55000 and there is no prefix letter in front of the s/n. Supposedly all of the older models were "Queen" models.
This is not the Viper or Raptor style shotgun, this is an older one. Interesting that by older I am not talking 100 years, but rather only a few. The gun looks different than the diagrams for the Raptor or Vipers.
I find no parts diagrams on the internet. I did talk with Tristar and they have nothing either. They did say that Numrich bought a bunch of parts for old guns, so I contacted Numrich with no luck. they have no schematics for the older models and no parts either.
Tristar says this gun was modeled after the 1100, a Gunsmith in town working on the gun says no way.
It appears the piston is gone (he tried making one) and we don't know if it required a gas block, o-ring, or what else.
So, does anybody out there have a clue about a Tristar semi auto? My guess is they only sold a handful of these nation wide and went on to something different.
It is a pretty gun. It does point pretty well, and the 3 times I shot it as a single shot it killed birds nicely. I hate to turn it into parts, but that is likely what is in store for her.