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    Seeing who I should go see about starting a garden from scratch next year in the Fairbanks area. I have lived up here for 11 years off and on but never owned my own house so therefore didn't have a garden. I am fairly familiar with lower 48 gardening but wondering who the SMEs would be for the quirks of a short growing season and any other things I might be leaving out of my planning. I want to get everything I need and have a game plan before growing season comes back around. Thank you in advance for any advice.

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    UAF co-op is the go to for everything gardening in the interior. They have info that covers about everything from soil prep to planting to harvest.

    One piece of advice that was given to me that I'd like to pass on is.. don't buy your plants from the box stores. Many plants that are started in the lower 48 climate don't transplant well up here.

    I've had my best luck with plants I've started from seed. If this isn't an option choose a local greenhouse such as Risse's or Ann's.

    Mark my words lol You will kill plants, every year. And you will learn, every year. You will also enjoy the fruits(& vegetables) of your labor, every year.
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    Choose your varieties carefully, make sure they are short season. It does not matter where you get them as long as they are healthy and suitable for AK, or your area in AK to be exact. Local greenhouses may help, they should be knowledgeable in what works well.

    You can also do soil warming techniques if need be, in my area that helps a lot.

    Make sure your garden plot is loose rich soil that is suitable

    Get your stuff set out as early as possible, again local GH's should be able to give out info on that.

    Use a fertilizer that is tailored for the plants you grow.

    Good luck


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