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Thread: An old gun out in the woods...

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    Default An old gun out in the woods...

    Took my ancient Winchester 37 in 20ga out for a walk in the woods. Busted a sharp-tail and a ruffed. This was the first firearm I fired...out behind Granddad's barn, 4 decades ago. The gun was old then...and I was not.

    Back in the day, even an inexpensive single was built to last generations. This one is from the late 30s and still points like a magic wand and the scaled receiver carries like a dream. They don't make them like this anymore.

    sharpie 37.jpg
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    Love it!
    I have the very same gun! Except mine is a 410ga.
    It also was my first gun I fired. My fathers first weapon and he killed a whitetail doe with a 410 slug.
    I can't wait to pass it down to my son!

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    Really nice you guys!

    My Dad got me a 20 ga. Savage Fox double barrel he bought at the Sporting Goods store in Stevens Point WI in 1967 when I was 12 years old. I have it and his old bolt action 20 gauge Grandpa gave him. I will never part with them.
    They aren't high dollar guns but oh the memories. As I recall the little double cost $65.00 used and Dad had it on layaway to afford it.

    My daughter won a youth model 870 Remington 20 ga. at a Ruffed Grouse banquet. She didn't like guns at the time and was a mite miffed. Since then and 10 years later she has warmed up to guns and shooting and even took a pistol class in college. She likes the little 20 gauge pump.

    First guns can be quite important along with the array of things that can be imparted to our youngsters in their formative years. They are valuable beyond any monetary value.
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    Have an old, N.R. Davis & Son, side by side 16 gauge that my Great-grandfather bought back in the early 1900s. It was used by him, my grandfather, my father, me and my brother. Despite the fact that it doesn't get used often, it's still everyone favorite gun; and, I think, the best shooting..even if that's largely just because of the history behind it.
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