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Thread: First time hunting Mt Goat in Southeast

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    Default First time hunting Mt Goat in Southeast

    Never tried hunting mountain goat, so with last weekend's perfect weather I figured I'd give it a shot. Me and a friend of mine hiked up and were lucky enough to stumble into this billy. We had first stalked a goat that turned out to be a nanny -- she came to within 10 yards trying to identify us. We did a bit more glassing around and ended up seeing 2 mature billies and a really nice black bear. The terrain had a lot of gullies to it so we were able to pretty much just walk up to the billies and decide which one we wanted. We actually waved and yelled at them to get up so I could get a cleaner shot, but they weren't having it. So I decided to shoot this one in his dust bed. He rolled about 5 ft and that was it. His buddy didn't move until we started into the gully, at which point he got up and sprinted away. No crazy steep terrain and nothing scary. From what I can tell, the billy was 8yrs old. Guess you can't beat beginner's luck.

    We did make another trip back up to the top to retrieve the hide...that trip pretty much wiped me out.
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    Nice easy going story.
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    Sounds like you got pretty lucky on that one....congrats...!!!
    Sheep hunting...... the pain goes away, but the stupidity remains...!!!


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